the concept

The ANNA van MILLS collection is designed for the elegant, casual, stylish, and slightly bold woman who loves classic simplicity; a woman in the prime of life, who wants to look good, and is unique in her own way. Her shoes form the daily foundation of her outfit.

Each and every pair of ANNA van MILLS shoes has a story on its own, bringing the creators ideas on elegance and style come to life. Our focus is to create high quality and personalized shoes, made to love and last.

the idea

As a little girl, shoes always fascinated me. They have a special effect on my mood. There is no better medicine for a listless and unattractive feeling than putting on a pair of heels. They make the legs longer, tighten the calf muscles, while giving you an elegant and gracefully confident posture.
As a shoe enthusiast, I was always looking for the perfect pair of basic heels: I love elegant, feminine, and stylish shoes of good quality. When my search for the perfect pair once again resulted in disappointment, I decided to design and produce my own collection of customizable shoes. I moved from Roermond to Amsterdam where my search began… the beginning of a journey filled with trials and tribulations, and eventually resulting in my own shoe label under the name ANNA van MILLS.

ANNA van MILLS represents what I believe in: personality, simplicity, quality, femininity with a bold twist and uniqueness.

We’ve stopped searching and started designing XoXo Anna & Vivian