‘Life is yin and yang. It’s all about our quest for happiness.’

Together with her husband Jop, she is co-owner of the successful salad bar formula SLA (with 12 branches throughout the Netherlands) and co-founder of Bedrock; the online magazine for everyone who cares for their own happiness and that of the world, which attracts 200,000 visitors every month. It is clear that entrepreneur Nina Pierson (31) does not like to sit still. We spoke to her about Bedrock, her quest for happiness and her favourite ANNA van MILLS shoes.

Nina, last year you launched Bedrock – tell us more!

“Bedrock is the online magazine that provides the foundation for a modern, accessible and often scientific approach towards sustainable happiness. The platform is intended for those who care for their own personal happiness but are also aware that to achieve that happiness, they must take care of others and the environment. Bedrock actually means foundation. It’s the bottom layer of the earth and if that foundation is steady then you actually have the ideal ground for a fertile surface. We want to contribute to a solid foundation from which people can make the right choices that lead to lasting happiness. Happiness, from which others and our planet can benefit. On the other hand, we are a Bedrock magazine, and offer a stable factor for people who would like to live healthier but have no clue where to begin. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for people to engage in health and to make them aware of their everyday choices. This is one of the reasons why, last month, Bedrock – The Book was released.”

How do health and consciousness play a role in your life?

“I try to meditate every day (in practice, having a young daughter does not always work). I really experienced/learned that from my education and from Buddhism. My family and I lived in Thailand until I was eighth, afterwards I went back almost every year up until my twentieth. Partly because of my education, I believe that there is much more than just life on earth. That we do not know or cannot measure something does not mean that it does not exist.

‘You must be kind to yourself’

“I was lucky that my parents were conscious about health in general. When I was eleven years my father became sick, he had prostate cancer. That’s when my father and mother started exploring nutrition, next to Western medical science, and soon adapted a healthy lifestyle complimentary to medicine. That meant healthy eating and no stress. Healthy living has become a part of who I am. I think I can sustain my healthy lifestyle by trying to find a balance and not to think in extremes. You must be kind to yourself, even if it is sometimes a little less healthy.

For Vogue, you went on a journey of discovery a few years ago. How was this search for happiness?

“I do not see happiness as a goal to pursue, being an end point or a permanent state of being. These are moments that you want to integrate as much as possible into your life and an important part of it is to accept that sometimes you are not happy and there are bumps that you must overcome. In fact, you need these bumps to be happy. Life is full of opposites; yin and yang. So the quest for happiness is going well, but it will be an eternal search.

‘Before I make a choice in fashion, I first want to know its origin.’

Which ANNA van MILLS shoe is your favourite?

“I consciously chose a pair of boots with very high heels in dark blue. I find it to be more classical than standard black. I can wear these shoes for dinner as well as for a night out. It was exactly the pair that I was looking for, as this is currently THE theme in my life: how to combine my work and private life as well as possible. I think this shoe is the perfect embodiment of that. ”

Nina chose a shootie in dark blue nappa leather with a 9cm wooden block heel ( € 219,80 ).